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Reusable Bee Wax Food Wraps

$ 12.00

Random Pattern
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Replace single use plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil with these high quality, reusable wraps for storing your food in the fridge or packing your lunch. 

These wraps are a solution to some of these problems and are completely Earth friendly in 3 main ways :

1. REUSABLE - they cut down on waste.
2. BIODEGRADABLE - once they are no longer usable, they can be composted or simply thrown away to quickly, naturally break down into the earth again
3. NATURAL & ORGANIC - free of any toxic chemicals and safe for you and the environment.

Made from only natural, sustainable ingredients:
- organic cotton fabric with food safe dyes
- pure, humanely sourced beeswax
- organic jojoba oil

3 sizes to choose from :

1.  XS (9"x6") - travel soap, avocado half, cheese (2 pk)
2.  M (12"x12") - large bowl, sandwich, pizza slice (2 pk)
3.  L (18"x13") - casserole dish, bread loaf (2 pk)
4.  S (10"x10"), M (12"x12"), L (18"x13")  (3 pk, 1 of each size)

~ keep in mind at this time we are only able to offer random patterns ~

How To Clean  
Either rinse off with cool water or easily hand wash your wrap with cool water, mild dish detergent, & a soft sponge. Lay flat or hang to dry. Beeswax not only seals the wrap, but is a natural disinfectant which helps keep the wrap and your food fresh.

 Handmade in USA